Frequently Asked Questions

It's a service that allows you to access your medical profiles, instantly, particularly in emergency situations. By scanning the QR code with the phone or tapping the NFC tag with an NFC enabled phone, or logging into the service on the website, you can access your medical profile 24/7. You have a choice to carry a card and/or bracelet with a QR code and embedded NFC chip to tap. This will enable you to share critical medical information to emergency first responders and medical personnel when you need it most.

Everyone who wants to have access to their medical profiles 24/7 to allow for prompt diagnosis and better care. These people especially should consider the service.

  • Serious or multiple medical conditions
  • Medication needs and/or regimen
  • Allergy sufferers
  • Alzheimer's patients
  • Autistic patients
  • Snowbirds
  • Senior citizens
  • Athletes
  • World traveler
The subscriber allows his full or customized emergency profile to be made viewable to anyone scanning the QR code or tapping the NFC tag. This is intended for emergency use because it is a subset of the full medical profile.

The full medical profile, maintained by the subscriber or received directly from the participating physician's electronic health record system, is accessible 24/7 by logging into the subscriber account with your password.
The SaveLifeID service is available everywhere there is internet and/or cellular connectivity. Presently participating physicians whose electronic health records may be directly uploaded to the SaveLifeID platform are available in the New York City area but we plan on expanding nationally over time.
Emergency contact information originates from your existing medical record or you may enter one or more contacts yourself. You can update these contacts anytime by logging into your profile on the SaveLifeID site. In case of emergency, your contact(s) will be informed by text and/or email when the QR code on the card or bracelet is scanned or the embedded NFC tag is tapped. SaveLifeID encourages you to regularly review the contact information to keep it current.
That's easy. If you want to add, correct, or change information you entered just login into your SaveLifeID account and update your medical profile at any time.

If you joined the service through your physician, your medical information is managed by your physician's Electronic Medical Record system. You can review your profile anytime online to see what needs to be updated or corrected.

Then inform the doctor's office and they will update the profile. That change will be reflected usually within hours on SaveLife ID.
Just order a replacement. It will access your same account. You may suspend access to your account via the lost item and reactivate upon receipt of your replacement product.